Trouble Pooping? Probiotics Can Help | BodylogicMD

Trouble Pooping? Probiotics Can Help

It’s not the sort of topic people like to talk about publicly, but bowel movements are a totally normal, super natural, very important thing we all have to do.

That said, not everyone’s bathroom experiences are so simple. When you live with diarrhea, chronic constipation, indigestion, inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, or other digestive and GI tract issues, life can be a challenge. You might deal with pain, the inconvenience of irregularity, embarrassing gas, uncomfortable bloating, and even shame around seeing a doctor or seeking help.

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benefits of bioidentical hormones

3 Big Benefits of Using Bioidentical Hormones to Treat an Imbalance

If you’re trying to learn more about what to expect when you’re undergoing treatment to correct a hormonal imbalance, you’ve probably read that not all hormone therapies are created equal. More importantly, you’ve likely realized that many of the traditional treatments available to you can carry significant side effects and long-term risks. However, traditional hormones are not your only option. By understanding the benefits of bioidentical hormones, you can make an informed decision that will help you get the most out of hormone therapy while protecting your health and well-being.

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Do Probiotics Actually Work? | BodylogicMD

Do Probiotics Actually Work?

You’ve likely heard the talk around probiotics for gut health—from health blogs, your doctor, or even your local health food store associate. Maybe you even take one now and then. But what are they, and do they actually work?

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alternative to hormone replacement therapy

BHRT: A Better Alternative to Traditional Hormone Replacement Therapy

The hormonal changes you experience during menopause, andropause, or in the presence of a hormonal imbalance can bring on a host of physical and emotional symptoms that profoundly interfere with quality of life. Today, however, there are a number of hormonal treatments available to help alleviate these symptoms by compensating for such changes. These treatments, known as hormone replacement therapy (HRT), can significantly reduce distress and restore well-being.

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A happy couple having a fun time dating

Study: Why Dating Is Harder now Than Ever Before

Are you single and ready to mingle?  You’re definitely not alone there.  As it turns out, a record number of Americans reported themselves as single in 2017, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.  While there are plenty of people who choose to be single, there are many more people who are struggling to find the right person and are left to ask themselves why they are still single.  To find an answer, we surveyed over 1,300 adults and asked them a series of questions, including whether or not they chose to remain single, whether they felt past relationships held them back in forging new ones, and why they thought they were still alone.  According to the results of the survey, the answers might be found internally more than externally.

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