Hormone Imbalance in Men: 10 Things You Need to Know

Fluctuating hormones are most commonly associated with women. However, men experience this, too. In fact, they even go through the male equivalent of the menopause. This is a subject that’s not talked about enough. The lack of conversation leaves many men in the dark about what their hormones are doing to their bodies. In this…

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Your Guide to Hormones and Weight Gain

The excess fat clinging to your midsection is notoriously difficult to get rid of. People spend billions of dollars every year trying to lose weight. Diet and exercise isn’t the whole story. A lot of people don’t realize that hormones and weight gain are connected. If you’re struggling to lose weight, there’s a good chance…

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10 Ways Natural Hormone Therapy Can Change Your Life

As you grow older, your body changes — typically in ways you don’t like. One of the changes you’ll notice is a decline in the production of your hormones. Fortunately, natural hormone therapy can be a major help. Hormones play a major role in the body’s biomechanical factory. In other words, they assume responsibility for the…

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10 Telltale Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalance in Women

Have you noticed a change in your body such as increased stress, weight gain, or issues sleeping? If so, you may be experiencing symptoms of hormonal imbalance in women. As you age, your hormones begin to reduce, causing an imbalance. For example, testosterone levels start going down in women after 20, and these levels will…

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Are Bioidentical Hormone Pellets Right For You? | BodylogicMD

Are Bioidentical Hormone Pellets Right For You?

At some point in their lives, up to 80 percent of women will experience a hormonal imbalance. It doesn’t matter if you’re currently going through menopause or are dealing with hormonal issues caused by stress, overexercising, or an autoimmune condition. You might want to consider treating these conditions with bioidentical hormones to help regulate your…

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15 Questions to Ask Your Hormone Doctor About HRT

With constant hot flashes and night sweats as an ever-present reminder, menopause can be impossible to ignore. That is why many women choose to seek out a hormone doctor to prescribe medication to alleviate the symptoms. But for many women, taking hormone replacement therapy drugs can do more harm than good. How do you know…

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The Science of Calm: Four Physiological Effects of Yoga

By now, most of us have heard about the benefits of yoga and its ability to reduce stress. But the mechanics of why yoga is so impactful are often misunderstood. Without this deeper understanding, we can still gain benefits just from practicing. However, with a thorough knowledge of the bodily functions involved, we can tailor…

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5 Core Benefits of Taking Cod Liver Oil Supplements | BodylogicMD

5 Core Benefits of Taking Cod Liver Oil Supplements

Cod liver oil – doesn’t sound very appetizing, we know. However, long gone are the days of supplementing the diet with fresh fish livers. Today it is available in pill form from almost any drug store. This natural supplement has been revered for centuries now. Originally, it was used by Europeans to boost immunity throughout the long, dark winter…

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Could Estrogen Therapy Prolong Your Life?

Women Taking Hormone Replacement Had Lower Risk of Heart Disease and Death, Recent Study Shows Middle-aged women the world over know the many discomforts that can arise during menopause. Due to plummeting hormone levels, everything from hot flashes, night sweats, and vaginal dryness to depression and other serious health concerns can show up, making life…

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These 10 Supplements May Help Extend Your Lifespan | BodylogicMD

These 10 Supplements May Help Extend Your Lifespan

Turning Back Time, and the Aging Process?   Have you noticed that some people age more quickly and appear to be more susceptible to disease than others? Do you hope to be one of the lucky ones who “age well”? You can’t stop the years from adding up, but you can improve your odds of avoiding or…

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