Gut Bacteria May Be Key to Weight Loss Success

Study Shows Gut Bacteria Influence How Much Weight Loss Is Possible If you’ve tried every diet and weight loss strategy under the sun and still can’t drop pounds, it might have as much to do with what’s lurking in your gut as what’s sitting on your plate. A new study published in the International Journal of…

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Ensure Long-Term Vaginal Health by Paying Attention to the Signs

Three Commonly Asked Questions About Vaginal Health Birth control pills debuted in 1960, revolutionizing women’s health and providing them with a new option to take control of their sexual health. For many, this medical breakthrough shattered years of stigma and opened up conversations about vaginal health. However, even today, not all women are comfortable freely…

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12 Reasons to Seek Hormone Therapy for Menopause Support

About 6,000 women in the United States enter menopause every day. That’s over two million a year. If you’re one of these women, you know how much menopause can disrupt your life. From night sweats and poor sleep to hot flashes during the day, you’re exhausted and irritable. Who wouldn’t be? And yet many menopausal women are…

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How Long Can Post Menopausal Women Use Hormones?

Are you post menopausal and suffering from unbearable hot flashes or mood swings? Treatments for symptoms are available. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) helps to the body replace hormones it no longer produces. But HRT has been controversial for many years. How long can post menopausal women safely take them to reduce their symptoms? Read further…

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Hormone Health Linked to Weight Loss | BodylogicMD

Hormone Health Linked to Weight Loss

Weight gain and weight loss—a vicious cat and mouse game that you can never seem to win, right? That’s because, for many people—especially at middle age—weight management is not as simple as calories in and calories out. The equation complex and becomes even more complicated as you age. Hormones play a significant role in weight…

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What You Need to Know About Female Hormone Imbalance

Blame it on the hormones. Moody, achy, sleep concerns, your menstrual cycle is off, can’t stop eating chocolate, teary and weepy, weight fluctuations, or perhaps you just can’t concentrate. These can all be symptoms of hormone imbalance. These symptoms can be anywhere from mild to severe and can cause not only discomfort in our lives but…

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How Does Obesity Affect Hormones?

Obesity, Metabolism, and Body Fat The obesity epidemic in America is a serious cause for concern, with more than two-thirds of adults considered overweight or obese, according to the National Institutes of Health. The effects of obesity on health are numerous, with obesity linked to many types of disease and other tolls on health, including…

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Everything Guide to Hormones and Weight Gain | BodylogicMD

Everything Guide to Hormones and Weight Gain

The excess fat clinging to your midsection is notoriously difficult to get rid of. People spend billions of dollars every year trying to lose weight. Diet and exercise isn’t the whole story. A lot of people don’t realize that hormones and weight gain are connected. If you’re struggling to lose weight, there’s a good chance…

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HRT and Weight Gain: Dispelling the Myth

You’re cranky, exhausted, and just not feeling like yourself lately: in short, you can definitely tell that you’re dealing with the effects of menopause. In addition to all the emotional consequences, you’ve also noticed an especially unpleasant one: you’ve gained weight. Your doctor has recommended that you try hormone replacement therapy (HRT.) But you’re not…

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