10 Ways Natural Hormone Therapy Can Change Your Life

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As you grow older, your body changes — typically in ways you don’t like. One of the changes you’ll notice is a decline in the production of your hormones. Fortunately, natural hormone therapy can be a major help.

Hormones play a major role in the body’s biomechanical factory. In other words, they assume responsibility for the regulation and stimulation of pretty much every process that occurs in your body — ranging from digestion to growth to sexual health.

If you’re experiencing a hormonal imbalance of any kind, hormone therapy is the ideal choice. Here’s a glimpse at how natural hormone therapy can help you to keep doing what you enjoy doing as you age.

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What You Need to Know about Hormones

Maintaining your hormone levels in the right balance is critical for experiencing peak performance. If you have an exorbitant amount of a certain hormone or too little of a hormone, this can be a major issue.

Fortunately, most people will not experience the severe syndromes or diseases that may occur when certain hormones are overproduced. However, we all will face the consequences of hormone decline to various degrees as we get older.

The hormonal changes that impact us most include those involving human growth hormone, or HGH, as well as estrogen in women and testosterone in men.

What is Natural Hormone Therapy?

Natural hormone therapy is a relatively safe way to deal with a hormone imbalance.

Many studies have indicated that traditional hormone therapy, also known as synthetic hormone therapy, may increase your likelihood of developing a variety of cancers as well as heart disease. For this reason, many patients are taking advantage of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, or BHRT, a natural alternative to traditional therapy.

Bioidentical hormones come from natural sources, including soy and yams, and essentially replicate the chemical structure of naturally produced hormones. According to your body’s hormone levels, a compounding pharmacy may easily tailor a certain natural hormone regimen that is designed specifically for you.

With natural hormones, both men and women can experience relief from hormonal imbalance symptoms without the annoying risks associated with their synthetic counterparts. That’s because your body can easily metabolize bioidentical hormones. In addition, the use of these hormones is not the one-size-fits-all symptom relief approach that you get with patented synthetic hormones.

Below, we discuss several ways in which natural hormone therapy can help you to live better.

1. Natural Hormone Therapy Can Help with Your Weight and Body Mass

It’s probably not surprising to you that as you age, it’s easier for you to gain extra weight. To make matters worse, taking off this weight is no cakewalk.

Did you know, though, that your body mass index and body fat are regulated by your hormones? As your hormone levels drop, especially your thyroid, testosterone, and HGH in men and women, your body is more inclined to hang onto fat and develop less muscle.

Fortunately, with hormone therapy, you may find it easier to maintain a healthier weight as you enter your golden years. What could be a better time to slim down and stay trim than when you have the time and money to travel and live life according to your own terms.

2. Vitality and Energy

Decreasing levels of your thyroid hormone, HGH, and sex hormones will cause you to lose energy. However, natural hormone therapy can increase your levels of all of these hormones, thus improving your vitality.

3. Erectile Dysfunction

This is a problem that many men don’t like to talk about. And understandably so. But hormone therapy can give you the testosterone optimization you need to improve your erectile dysfunction.

4. Cognition

BHRT has been proven to improve cognition in both women and men. This means better memory and no more feeling like you have brain fog as you get older.

5. Skin

Another major benefit of receiving hormone therapy the natural way? Younger-looking, healthier skin.

That’s a huge plus considering that your skin can’t help but to look wrinkled as you age.

Hormone replacement involving estrogen is especially helpful in females. In fact, this is exactly why many top-of-the-line beauty products and creams designed for women feature estrogen.

6. Bone Density

An improvement in your bone density is yet another reason to take advantage of BHRT.

Declining hormones, especially HGH, may cause you to suffer osteoporosis or brittle bones. And this isn’t just a problem in women. Men can be affected by it, too.

Men and post-menopausal women who lack testosterone and estrogen, respectively, may also suffer bone loss — a condition that hormone therapy can help with.

7. Hot Flashes and Night Sweats

Tired of waking up in the middle of the night feeling like you’ve just passed through a desert due to your hot flashes and night sweats?

You’re not the only woman to feel this way. That’s why many women are jumping on the BHRT train. This without a doubt remains the best therapy you can find for night sweats, mood swings, and hot flashes — debilitating menopause symptoms you could live without.

8. Libido

Hormone therapy can improve the sex drive or libido of both women and men.

Enough said.

9. Emotional Health

Did you know that you are more susceptible to mood swings, depression, and anxiety as you age? Along with all of the physical ailments that come with getting older, being faced with these mental issues is like adding salt to the wound.

However, you can easily utilize BHRT to remain even keel in the years ahead.

10. Anti-Inflammatory Benefits

Finally, BHRT — especially that involving testosterone — offers anti-inflammatory benefits. This can help you in addressing your back and joint pain.

On top of this, the anti-inflammatory effect of hormone therapy may actually lower your cancer risk as well as your cardiovascular disease risk. You can’t beat that. How We Can Help You with Natural Hormone Therapy

We offer BHRT integrated with fitness and nutrition for patients suffering from an imbalance of their hormones.

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