What is the difference between testosterone therapy and steroids?

The Difference Between Testosterone Therapy and Steroids

Thousands of men experience symptoms of low testosterone, otherwise known as low T, every year. The natural consequences of this hormone disruption aren’t always openly discussed—but they should be. Low sex drive, muscle loss, and diminished energy are just a few of the experiences that are common to men who have low T, and these…

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What’s the Difference Between Keto and Whole30? | BodyLogicMD

What’s the Difference Between Keto and Whole30?

For many people trying to lose weight, manage health conditions (like diabetes, for example), or adopt a healthier lifestyle, there are plenty of diets and options out there. Two of the most popular include the ketogenic diet (or the keto diet) and the Whole30. While some view these as ‘fad diets,’ the two are more…

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What Are the Pros and Cons of Hormone Replacement Therapy? | BodyLogicMD

What Are the Pros and Cons of Hormone Replacement Therapy?

The collection of glands that produce hormones are known as the endocrine system. Though tiny in size, they do everything from regulating your metabolism and allowing you to sleep to initiating labor, and if they are out of balance, it can seriously knock your body out of whack. For menopausal women, hormone replacement therapy (HRT)…

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The Best Natural Supplements Proven to Reduce Anxiety and Stress | BodyLogicMD

The Best Natural Supplements Proven to Reduce Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety is considered a normal reaction to the causes of stress, such as the demands of work or home life, juggling expenses, driving in traffic, or being confronted by an unexpected change to your day-to-day routine. Anxiety is characterized by an apprehensive mood accompanied by increased arousal and vigilance. This heightened state is stimulated by…

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Are hormone pellets safe?

Are Hormone Pellets Safe? Taking A Closer Look at Benefits and Risks

When you’re seeking hormone replacement therapy to correct a hormonal imbalance, choosing a therapy format that is both safe and effective is essential—but it can also feel overwhelming. Topical gels, intramuscular injections, transdermal patches, pills, and implanted pellets may all have the potential to resolve your symptoms, but which format will leave you feeling your…

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Liquid and Other Supplements: Everything You Should Know | BodyLogicMD

Liquid and Other Supplements: Everything You Should Know

If you’ve been thinking about taking supplements but are not sure which form is right for you, where do you start? Especially if you’re confused as to whether or not supplements are even safe to take in the first place—not to mention effective… Supplements can definitely be confusing. But a lot of the confusion stems…

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What Does Depression Feel Like? | BodylogicMD

What Does Depression Feel Like?

Depressive disorder is frequently referred to simply as depression—but let’s not just assume it’s only about feeling down or going through a passing phase. Depression is a serious mental health condition that requires patience from loved ones and professional medical and mental health care. Depression does not discriminate based on a person’s gender, race or…

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The relationship between estrogen and menopause means HRT may be the best treatment.

Estrogen and Menopause: Why Hormone Replacement Therapy Helps

Most people know estrogen as the female hormone most closely associated with menopause, as menopause results from decreasing estrogen levels. What people don’t often realize is that estrogens (including estrone, estradiol, and estriol) are multi-function molecules that exist in women, men, and animals and impact all systems of the body. Estrogen does facilitate major functions…

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Are You Gluten Intolerant? | BodylogicMD

Are You Gluten Intolerant?

Why You May Want to Avoid Gluten Even if You Don’t Have Celiac Disease Gluten-free foods have outlasted fad status and are just about everywhere these days. More and more restaurants are even catching on, which is fortunate for the many people who find that going gluten-free makes them feel better than they have in…

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