Does PMS get worse during perimenopause?

Is PMS Worse During Perimenopause? Why It’s Not Just Your Imagination

Kim experienced the worst cramps of her life on the day she turned 46. She’d never really dealt with PMS before—only the occasional moody afternoon or minor breakout, nothing debilitating. But from that cycle onward, she had all the symptoms she’d watched her “unlucky” friends struggle with: bloating, breast tenderness, cravings, irritability, and severe menstrual…

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Gluten Intolerant? Here’s How You Can Stay Healthy | BodyLogicMD

Gluten Intolerant? Here’s How You Can Stay Healthy

If your body doesn’t respond well to gluten, it can be challenging to avoid the range of products and foods that might trigger an allergic reaction or other unpleasant symptoms. This is especially true if you’ve got celiac disease and your daily quality of life is affected by gluten sneaking into something you didn’t suspect.…

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Learning how to support your partner during menopause can help her cope with the challenges of hormonal change.

Being There: How to Support Your Partner During Menopause

It’s easy to be a partner during easy times. That’s a simple statement, but being long-term partners with someone is sometimes relatively straightforward. Things are normal, and you both know the rules and know how to behave. Things might not be “easy”, per se, but you know how to deal with them. The ups and…

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There is a wide variety of strategies for treating mood swings during menopause.

How to Treat Mood Swings During Menopause

Mood swings are some of the least-understood aspects of menopause—and the most misrepresented. While pop culture representations of menopause tend to center specifically on mood, they typically treat menopausal women as a caricature of irrationality and hysteria rather than capturing the variability and complexity of menopause-related mood disturbances. Not only does this trivialize the very…

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The Best Daily Supplements for Skin Care | BodyLogicMD

The Best Daily Supplements for Skin Care

Does your skin care routine involve slathering your skin with oils and creams? If so, that’s not a bad idea. But have you thought about what you can do to really create sustainable, healthy habits that benefit your skin from the inside out? There’s nothing better than getting a good glow. And there are plenty…

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3 Reasons Women Need Probiotics Every Day | BodyLogicMD

3 Reasons Women Need Probiotics Every Day

Probiotics have grown in popularity these days—with very good reason! They are linked to tons of health benefits and are beloved by doctors and wellness enthusiasts alike. There are so many valid reasons why a high quality probiotic is a good thing—especially for women. They can boost energy levels, improve digestive health, help combat fatigue…

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How do you know if your cortisol levels are low?

How Do You Know if Your Cortisol Levels Are Low?

Your body has a mechanism we know as “the fight or flight” instinct. You’ve felt it. When a situation becomes alarming, your body readies for action and your focus turns solely to coping with the threat, shutting out everything else. You react quickly; run or fight, take action or get to safety. Time seems to…

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Should You Be Using Workout Supplements? | BodyLogicMD

Should You Be Using Workout Supplements?

If you’re looking to get healthy, stay fit, achieve weight loss, prevent muscle loss, work on body composition, or make serious muscle gain, you probably know that nutrition—vitamins and minerals—is the key. The gym is obviously where you need to be to work on your fitness, but the kitchen is where you nourish, heal, and…

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