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What Are Professional Grade Supplements?

by bayres

When you think of BodyLogicMD, we want your first thoughts to be synonymous with quality, reliability, and efficiency. BodyLogicMD is a leader in the healthcare arena, and with your health goals as our top priority, we are pleased to announce the release of our new website – providing high quality, professional grade supplements at an affordable price!

The BodyLogicMD Promise

The first step to managing your health with the care necessary to achieve optimal function and performance includes integrating a targeted supplement into your diet that can help fulfill nutritional deficiencies and aid in restoration and maintenance of good health. BodyLogicMD only works with industry-leading nutritional manufacturers who surpass the highest standards of safety and quality in the trade.

When acquiring supplements through BodyLogicMD, we commit to providing you with high-quality natural supplements and first-class customer service.

  • Auto Orders – Time gets away from all of us, and it is easy to forget to reorder until that last supplement is gone! Auto Orders offers an easy, convenient way to ensure you always have the supplements needed. Go online, select the supplements for your nutritional regimen, and we ship them to you. You can choose a one-time purchase or setup an account and have your order reoccurring monthly!
  • Professional Grade Supplements – Remember, not all supplements are created equal! Professional grade supplements contain higher quality ingredients, free of fillers and additives, making them more highly absorbable. These supplements undergo rigorous testing before hitting the market.
  • Safe Supplements– We have all heard the adage “you get what you pay for,” and it is true! Bargain supplements are virtually worthless. Any trustworthy company using high-quality ingredients cannot manufacture high-end supplements inexpensively. Supplements on the market with discounted prices have the risk of being counterfeit, expired and repackaged, harmful ingredients or they are stolen and released on the black market without any form of quality control. BodyLogicMD ensures that all supplements provided through are of the highest standard, and distributed through a qualified supplier
  • Convenient Shipping and Returns* – For orders over $100, BodyLogicMD will waive your shipping fee! Any other orders are subject to a $9.95 shipping fee, regardless of the size of your shipment – so stock up and save! If you need to return an item, just contact a supplement specialist at 800-595-0538 within three days of delivery for further details.

Moreover, that is just the beginning! Please take a moment and check out the new site. We are committed to your satisfaction and do all we can to make your BodyLogicMD experience positive!

As always, thank you for choosing BodyLogicMD!