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The hormone tests used by BodyLogicMD affiliated physicians include the saliva hormone test, serum hormone tests and the saliva and blood spot combination assessment.

Saliva Hormone Tests

One of the simplest methods of measuring hormone levels is the saliva hormone test. Saliva tests are used to detect the levels of sex-hormones produced by the body. The saliva samples should be collected in the morning, afternoon, evening and before bedtime to accurately measure your cortisol levels, which fluctuate throughout the day. Measuring cortisol levels provides an accurate assessment of symptoms of adrenal fatigue.

Serum Hormone Tests

Some hormones circulating in the bloodstream, such as the thyroid hormones and insulin, do not enter the saliva because of their large size; this means that saliva hormone tests cannot measure these hormones. As a result, the initial panel includes a blood draw, which quickly performed at your nearest Quest Lab (a BodyLogicMD preferred partner).

These additional hormone tests will not only help your physician get a clear picture of your hormone levels, but also allows your physician to tailor a personalized wellness program that addresses your individual needs.

Saliva and Blood Spot Combination Hormone Tests

Combining the saliva and blood spot tests in one, easy-to-use kit provides a powerful tool for assessing the levels of a wide array of hormones that may be causing your symptoms. Hormones tested in saliva and blood spot tests are strongly correlated with symptoms of hormone imbalance. This is key information physicians use to identify hormone imbalances, track the efficiency of a prescribed treatment and make adjustments to your dosage throughout the treatment process.

Keep in mind that saliva hormone tests are entirely non-invasive and the blood spot, also referred to as a capillary test, involves a simple, nearly painless finger-stick with the tiny lancet provided in the kit. Drops of blood are collected on a filter card and allowed to dry. No special processing of the blood is required and the hormones in the dried blood are remarkably stable at room temperature for up to a month. You simply collect the saliva and blood at your convenience in your home, fill out the forms, and send the sample to the laboratory for testing in the prepaid package. Flexible, convenient, and stress free sample collection are only a few reasons to test this way.

Simple Tests for an Extraordinary Solution

The simple saliva tests and blood spot tests described above allow BodyLogicMD affiliated physicians to get an accurate picture of what is going on inside the body. This information makes all the difference in designing your personalized treatment plan. These tests are the first step towards a healthier, happier you.

Contact the BodyLogicMD bioidentical hormone doctor nearest you to schedule an appointment and learn more about hormone testing, including the saliva tests and the blood spot tests.