In addition to the many perks that come with being rich and famous, most Hollywood celebrities have a knack for looking as if they’ve just stepped out of the fountain of youth.

It’s no secret their extreme fitness regimens and skin care routines keep their physical features in peak form, but is that all there is to it? How many celebrities are just genetically blessed, and how many have gone under the knife in a race against the clock?

We surveyed over 2,000 people in the United States to get their take on celebrity plastic surgery. How old do celebrities look compared with their true age? And who do respondents think has had cosmetic surgery? If you’re curious to see what we uncovered about age and plastic surgery among Hollywood’s most elite, keep reading.  

Perceived Celebrity Ages vs. Actual Age

When we asked survey participants how old they believed Hollywood’s biggest names were, two leading men came out on top as appearing significantly younger than they actually were. Al Pacino (76 years old) and Jared Leto (45 years old) were voted as looking eight years younger than their actual age. These two award-winning actors had the youngest appearance of any male or female celebrity we asked about.

Other male celebrities, including Denzel Washington (62 years old) and Pharrell Williams (43 years old), were voted as appearing seven years younger than their actual age. Further, Brad Pitt (53 years old) and Lucy Liu (48 years old) appeared five years younger than their given age.

Not every celebrity got the privilege of looking younger than they are, however. Beyoncé (35 years old) and Leonardo DiCaprio (42 years old) appeared two years older than their actual age.

Angelina Jolie had the greatest difference between her actual and perceived age – four years older. Despite being 41 years old, survey participants indicated they believed she was closer to 45.

More Than Natural Beauty

Everywhere you look, tabloid magazines, blogs, talk shows, radio hosts, and even fans are consumed with whether celebrities are just naturally gifted in the beauty department or have taken more dramatic and permanent steps to achieve an effortless look.

We urged survey participants to tell us who they think has had cosmetic surgery. Almost 97 percent of respondents think Kim Kardashian West has had work done. Like other notable Kardashian claims, before-and-after photos may support this.

Other female celebrities, such as Madonna (nearly 94 percent), Angelina Jolie (92 percent), and Jennifer Lopez (almost 89 percent), were also thought to have had cosmetic surgery.

However, on the other end of the spectrum, only around 12 percent of participants think singer Pharrell Williams has had plastic surgery, while under 21 percent think Denzel Washington has braved the knife.

Celebrity Cosmetic Enhancements, by Type

Cosmetic surgery to the face might include adjustments to the nose, forehead, lips, or jaw line. Considering this is one of the most photographed parts of any celebrity body, it might also be the easiest place to spot a little extra work. Of the survey participants polled, 88 percent suspected Madonna of having some form of plastic surgery done to her face. The 58-year-old pop star – having toured the world to promote her 13th studio album in 2015 – looks as iconic as her music.

While many also suspect the “Vogue” star of going under the knife for other types of cosmetic surgery, Kim Kardashian West takes the top spot for breast, tummy, and overall fat reduction augmentations. While 69 percent believe she’s had some work done to her abdominal area, 71 percent think she’s had an overall fat reduction, and 84 percent suspect she’s had her breasts enhanced as well.

Jennifer Lopez is also thought to have had four types of work done (face, breasts, tummy, and overall fat reduction).

Gender Gaps in Surgery Opinions  

Despite male celebrities being more likely to look younger than their actual age, our survey participants were less willing to assume their cosmetic surgery history despite rising trends that suggest otherwise.

On average, male celebrities looked four years younger, while women only appeared one year younger than their given age, according to our results. However, 79 percent of respondents suspect the female celebrities shown have undergone plastic surgery, while only 36 percent of survey takers believe the male celebrities have done the same.

Additionally, only 32 percent of participants believe male celebrities have had work done to their face versus 69 percent who think female celebrities have had this type of surgery. However, very few – 3 percent and 4 percent of participants, respectively – think men have had any kind of tummy or overall fat reduction augmentation, while 32 percent and 31 percent of respondents, respectively, indicated they believed female celebrities had these procedures done.

Age Gaps in Surgery Opinions  

While celebrities younger than 50 years old only earned two years off their actual age, celebrities 50 and over averaged an estimated four years younger based on our survey results. Like with gender, participants believe celebrities who look younger are less likely to have had any work done. In fact, 66 percent of respondents suspect celebrities younger than 50 years old have had some form of plastic surgery, while only 48 percent believe celebrities over 50 years old have done the same.

Finally, celebrities under the age of 50 were seen to be significantly more likely to have had work done on their stomach area or an overall fat reduction.

Age Gracefully, Your Way

Getting older is hard work, no matter how rich or famous you might be. While some celebrities are lucky to look years younger than they are, many could owe their youthful glow to the enhancements of plastic surgery. Female celebrities listed were suspected of having more work done than men, but famous male celebrities, like Johnny Depp and Robert Downey Jr., were also seen as likely having had cosmetic surgery.

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We surveyed 2,009 people in the United States and asked them what age they thought 20 different celebrities were and what types of plastic surgery they have had, if any.


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