Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy

Although both synthetic and natural hormone replacement therapy (HRT) aim to help women and men find relief during the transitional years of menopause and andropause, the two methods are vastly different in terms of their safety and efficacy. With so many products on the market, it can be difficult to determine which ones can safely relieve us of the hot flashes, vaginal dryness, mood swings, night sweats, weight gain, or any other of the many symptoms of menopause that can sap us of our vibrant energy as we age. Let's go in depth on the different options for HRT to discover the best way to correct the negative effects of hormonal imbalance.

Synthetic Hormone Replacement Therapy

Conventional, synthetic hormones do not structurally match the hormones produced by the human body. Synthetic hormones contain tiny molecular differences that cause the body to recognize them as foreign substances. For this reason, synthetic estrogen-replacement drugs increase the risk of several potentially fatal diseases, especially when combined with progestin, the synthetic form of progesterone. Synthetic hormones tend to be at the root of many HRT side effects.

In 2002, a large-scale study known as the Women's Health Initiative (WHI) revealed that postmenopausal women who used a combination of synthetic estrogen and progestin had a higher risk of breast cancer, heart disease, stroke, and blood clots. In response to this alarming news, many doctors immediately recommended that patients stop synthetic HRT. The following year, statistics revealed that breast cancer rates overall dropped about 7 percent and estrogen-sensitive breast cancers (which are more likely to occur when estrogen levels are high) among women ages 50 to 69 fell 12 percent.

Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy

Natural hormone replacement is therapy that uses hormones from natural sources that have been engineered to be identical to the natural hormones found throughout the human body. These hormones are referred to as bioidentical hormones. People are increasingly turning to this form of HRT due to its ability to effectively correct imbalanced hormone levels without causing the aforementioned side effects that have been associated with the use of synthetic hormones. Again, the human body often struggles to metabolize synthetic hormones, and that leads the body to identify and treat those hormones as foreign toxins.

What are Bioidentical Hormones?

The term "bioidentical hormones" refers to hormones that are biologically identical to those produced by the human body. Chemical substances derived from plant tissues are scientifically engineered in laboratories to precisely match natural human hormones. The hormones are then compounded into creams, gels, pills, and pellets to promote simple and effective hormone delivery. At BodyLogicMD, these compounded bioidentical hormones don't just come from any old pharmacy either; BodyLogicMD has done the due diligence of vetting pharmacies and only partnering with those that hold up to the strictest federal standards for quality and safety. And this quality control doesn't just stop at the work environment of the pharmacies or the ingredients found within their compounded products; these pharmacies also submit individual batches of their compounded hormones for quality testing.

To be clear, there are plenty of products at retail pharmacies that will be advertised as bioidentical. Technically, they probably are; by definition, they have been engineered from natural sources to mimic the various hormones in the human body. And while the ingredients themselves may have been approved by the FDA, the actual formulations of the ingredients have not been tested for safety or efficacy. That means the products will often contain amounts of hormones that differ from what have been indicated on the bottle. Furthermore, they often contain additives that will affect their ability to be absorbed into the body. Again, while the ingredients found within these products have been tested and approved, the FDA has not tested nor approved individual compounded batches for quality and safety. It's one thing to know that a product contains quality ingredients, but why stop there when you can also be assured that those ingredients have been expertly combined to produce their stated effects?

The BodyLogicMD Difference

When it comes to treating symptoms of hormonal imbalance, BodyLogicMD-affiliated practitioners only practice natural bioidentical hormone replacementtherapy (BHRT) that uses compounded bioidentical hormones from our BodyLogicMDd's network of trusted compounding pharmacies. The highly trained practitioners of the BodyLogicMD network have helped tens of thousands of women and men find relief from the effects of hormonal imbalance brought on by menopause and andropause (low testosterone in men occurring at middle-age). Whether you suffer from adrenal fatigue, thyroid disorders, mood swings, hot flashes, night sweats, or any other menopausal symptoms, you can achieve hormone balance through a customized treatment plan that has been designed specifically for YOU. Why accept a generic treatment plan that has already been laid out before you walk in the door when you can address hormonal imbalance with a combination of advanced therapies and lifestyle strategies, including bioidentical hormonetherapy, nutritional guidance, and targeted supplement regimens? Contact your nearest BodyLogicMD-affiliated expert in BHRT today to start living to your fullest potential.

Updated April 30, 2019
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