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SexualHealthPro for Women

A loss of sexual desire and painful sexual experiences don’t have to be your new normal. Rewire your desire and take control of your sexual health with help from SexualHealthPro.

Make Your Sexual Health a Priority

The act of physically showing your partner love is an integral part of being human. It comes as no surprise that people who have regular often sex live healthier, happier, and even longer lives, and couples who maintain a healthy sex life tend to have longer-lasting relationships.

Taking care of your sexual health and making it a priority is essential, as it can affect not only your physical wellbeing but also your psychological wellbeing. Changes in sexual desire, performance, and behavior are all natural occurrences that men and women can face, and while symptoms of sexual dysfunction are frustrating, they can also hinder intimate relationships and stand in the way of a pleasurable sexual experience.

Rewire Your Desire

We often hear about solutions for erectile dysfunction and other troublesome sexual issues men encounter. But what about women? It may come as a surprise to some people, but women too can suffer from sexual health issues as they mature, and while they may not be as physically noticeable as the troubles men face, they should not be dismissed because they can be no less devastating.

Sexual dysfunction can affect women of all ages. However, women approaching menopause, experiencing menopause, and even living in the wake of menopause tend to experience a wide range of sexual health issues known as female sexual dysfunction, or FSD. Women are often unable to become aroused because they are plagued with problems such as vaginal dryness and inadequate stimulation. In turn, this can lead to painful intercourse and the inability to achieve orgasm, as well as anxiety in a sexual setting.

Symptoms of FSD can include:

  • Vaginal dryness
  • Decreased libido
  • Loss of sexual desire
  • Inability to orgasm/delayed orgasm
  • Painful intercourse
  • Lack of stimulation
  • Decreased genital sensitivity

The symptoms of FSD should not take a backseat to those of their male counterpart, which is why we created SexualHealthPro for women. Designed to help you rewire your desire and improve sexual setbacks, our state-of-the-art program may help to enhance sexual mood by triggering the neurotransmitters responsible for sexual desire and improving blood flow to increase lubrication and sensitivity so that you can take pleasure in intercourse once again.

Putting Your Sexual Health First

Women are notorious for putting the concerns of others ahead of their own, but your sexual health isn’t something that should fall by the wayside. Sexuality is as much a part of your health as eating and sleeping, and if you’re having troubles in the bedroom, that’s something that needs to be addressed.

Truth be told, there are many reasons you may be struggling with sexual dysfunction, but none of those reasons are something to be ashamed of. In fact, 40% of women in American suffer from FSD, and both physical and psychological issues can contribute to a woman’s lack of interest in sex. That’s why SexualHealthPro is so unique; it doesn’t just address one factor—it is designed to address a variety of factors that may be affecting you and your sex life.

Your sexual health plays an important part in your overall wellbeing and should be a priority. Take control of your sex life and boost your mood with help from SexualHealthPro. Ask your practitioner for more information!

Benefits of Sexual Health

Life is hectic, but that doesn’t mean your sex life should suffer. It’s time to treat your sexual health with the same amount of concern as you do everything else, and that’s why we created SexualHealthPro. It’s a modern day solution for the modern day woman. Enjoy a healthy sex life again and reap benefits such as:

  • Enhanced libido
  • Decreased anxiety and depression
  • Natural vaginal lubrication
  • A boost in heart health
  • Greater genital sensitivity
  • Better-quality sleep
  • Enjoyable, pain-free sexual experiences
  • Improved intimacy and relationships

If you’re struggling in the bedroom and need some help to revive your sex drive, contact a practitioner within the BodyLogicMD network today to learn more about SexualHealthPro!

Results from the use of the products included in SexualHealthPro will vary by individual. You may not experience the potential benefits described in this pamphlet. Medications and supplements should only be used under the recommendation and guidance of your physician. SexualHealthPro should not be used while breastfeeding or pregnant. The information provided herein is for reference only and is not to be relied upon as making any representation as to the efficacy of any particular treatment plan. Nothing herein is intended to replace or influence the independent judgment of any licensed professional. Only your physician can determine whether a particular treatment plan is right for you.

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