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Vitamin D 5000 IU

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What is Vitamin D 5000 IU?

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble steroid vitamin that supports bone health and aids in the absorption of calcium and phosphate from the gastrointestinal tract. Known as the sunshine vitamin, Vitamin D also contributes to positive cardiovascular and blood sugar balance while increasing the musculoskeletal strength, neurological and immune function of the body.

Benefits of Vitamin D 5000 IU:

  • Supports Bone and Dental Health
  • Boosts Calcium Absorption and Balance
  • Increases Immune Activity
  • Aids in Cardiometabolic Health & Blood Sugar Balance
  • Helps Increase Musculoskeletal Strength and Comfort

Why BodyLogicMD Supplements?

At BodyLogicMD, we believe that supplements which are properly chosen, obtained from reliable sources, and of professional-grade are an essential part of healthy aging and preventive health management. BodyLogicMD selects only the purest ingredients for each physician-preferred formulation and exclusively works with manufacturers that meet the highest standards of safety and quality in the industry.

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