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Memory Support, which uses the unique, patented, chelated mineral Magtein contains magnesium which is chelated to threonic acid (magnesium L-threonate). It is superior to other forms of magnesium at getting through the blood brain barrier because it is able to transport magnesium ions across lipid membranes including those of brain cells.

Researchers at MIT concluded that elevating brain magnesium content via supplementation with Magtein may be a useful strategy to support cognitive abilities and decrease common age-related memory decline.


  • Supports overall brain health related to cognitive and memory support
  • May help in increasing learning ability, working memory, and short and long-term memory
  • Helps fight against anti-aging memory loss

Made with Non-GMO ingredients.

Packaged with a 28-day supply in our convenient Daily Supplement Pack.

Additional information

Serving Size

3 Capsules

Serving Supply

28 Days