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C3 Curcumin Complex


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What is C3 Curcumin Complex?


C3 Curcumin Complex is a highly bioavailable formulation containing a unique combination of three health-promoting compounds known as “curcuminoids,” which are derived from turmeric root: namely, curcumin, bisdemethoxy curcumin, and demethoxy curcumin. This comprehensive product also contains sunflower lecithin to facilitate absorption.

Turmeric is a bright yellow-orange spice popular as the main ingredient in Indian curry powders, and its high concentration of curcumin underlies the centuries-old use of this root in Ayurveda, traditional Indian medicine. The three curcuminoids in this product are the strongest, most protective and best researched constituents of turmeric root. Naturally occurring turmeric root powder contains only 5-7% curcumin, while the blend in C3 Curcumin Complex is formulated to contain 70% curcumin (as part of a total of 95% curcuminoids). Thus, this product provides a much higher concentration of the active compounds than would typically be obtainable from food alone.

Benefits of Curcum-Evail:


  • Healthy Inflammatory Response – Like other “warming spices,” such as ginger, cinnamon, and cayenne, turmeric’s complement of curcuminoids helps to support a healthy inflammatory response in the body.
  • Immune Support – A wealth of scientific research supports the benefits of curcuminoid compounds for assisting with a healthy immune system, along with its ability to support the body’s natural defense against bacteria.
  • Antioxidant Properties – Curcumin is known to be a powerful antioxidant. Many conditions that adversely affect overall health and wellbeing are associated with excessive oxidative stress, which damages tissues at a cellular level. Curcumin may help to reduce oxidative stress.

How to Take:


Take one capsule per day with a meal, or as directed by your health care practitioner.


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