Human Growth Hormone (HGH) for men

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Most men are interested in Human Growth Hormone (HGH) because they're trying to lose weight, build muscle mass, increase endurance, or a combination of the three. While there are certain circumstances when men do require HGH supplementation, such as when a man suffers from a true growth hormone deficiency, chances are HGH isn't the problem. It's normal for HGH levels to drop off in men, especially after the age of 30. Typically, the symptoms that men experience as they get older aren't caused by a growth hormone deficiency, but rather declining levels of testosterone. Men with low growth hormone levels have many options outside the rather significant treatment cost of human growth hormone (HGH). BodyLogicMD affiliated physicians focus on proper nutrition, supplementation, exercise and balancing of the hormone pathways naturally using bioidentical hormones. These integrated protocols almost always lead to an acceptable increase in the body's growth hormone production. In a few cases, various supplements can be used without the need for the expense of HGH. In fact, only a handful of our patients even order HGH monthly.

What is HGH Deficiency?

Growth hormone deficiencies occur when the pituitary gland isn't producing enough growth hormone. As children mature into adults, they rely on growth hormone for optimal development. After we stop growing, we still need growth hormone throughout adulthood, although in smaller quantities. Adequate levels of HGH in adults, helps to ensure that the body maintains a healthy body-fat ratio and also aids in calcium and protein absorption, promoting strong muscles and bones. The only way to know for sure is to have your hormone levels tested.

Testing HGH Levels

The highly trained bioidentical hormone doctors at BodyLogicMD offer state-of-the-art diagnostic testing to assess your hormone levels. After analyzing blood and saliva samples, your doctor will determine whether or not the symptoms your experiencing are caused by underlying hormonal imbalance. If a hormonal imbalance is identified, a BodyLogicMD affiliated physician will personalize a wellness program that is individually tailored to help you reach your personal wellness goals. Be it losing weight, getting ripped or just getting back in shape - we have a wellness program that's right for you.

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