What is a compounding pharmacy?

A compounding pharmacy is a long-established tradition in pharmacy practice that enables physicians to prescribe - and patients to take - medicines that are especially prepared by a compounding pharmacist to meet an individual's specific needs. Compounded medications are a vital part of quality medical care since a growing number of people have unique health needs that are not met by over-the-counter prescription medicines. For them, customized, compounded medications prescribed by expert physicians and mixed safely by trained, licensed compounding pharmacists are the only way to better health.

There are many reasons that necessitate use of a compounding pharmacy:

  • When treatment requires a customized dosage strengths for patients with unique needs
  • Allergies to certain binders, dyes or preservatives found in over-the-counter medications
  • When a patient needs to consume several medications and would be more likely to comply when the medications have been combined
  • When the required medication in its original form is difficult or impossible to ingest by the patient, it can be altered to liquid, cream or any other required form that is easier to take

Are Bioidentical Hormone Pharmacies or Compounding Pharmacies Safe?

In order to become a licensed pharmacist, a student must complete pharmacy school, which for every state, requires instructing in the compounding of pharmaceutical ingredients. These pharmacists have studied the compatibility of chemicals and have learned how to prepare alternate dosage forms of medications. Every compounding pharmacy is licensed, inspected and regulated by their respective state boards of pharmacy.

Additionally, the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board, a national accreditation program, evaluates and grants recognition only to those bioidentical hormone pharmacies or compounding pharmacies that meet the highest standards of quality assurance. All compounding pharmacies recommended by BodyLogicMD have this accreditation.

Trusting Only the Best

With an estimated 3,000 compounding pharmacies, filling 30 million prescriptions a year in the United States, consumers have a wide range of choices. The decision in choosing a compounding pharmacy should not be based on proximity, but on industry reputation.

At BodyLogicMD, we use only expert bioidentical hormone pharmacies for your customized treatment. We employ a great deal of criteria and screening before referring a patient to a compounding pharmacy. All compounding pharmacies are not the same and we only recommend pharmacies that are experienced, reliable, reputable and cost effective for our patients.

The key to successful bioidentical hormone therapy is that it is individualized to each patient's symptoms and needs and under the proper supervision of an expert physician. A qualified compounding pharmacy needs to have the best products - that are tested - with the most knowledgeable pharmacists and a staff that provides superior customer service.

Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB)

The Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board [PCAB] was formed to provide quality standards for compounding pharmacy through a voluntary accreditation program. PCAB assesses those pharmacies that voluntarily apply, and awards the PCAB Seal of Accreditation to those pharmacies that accept the PCAB requirements, meet the criteria, and comply with the Rules and Terms of the PCAB program, including adherence to PCAB Standards. The PCAB Seal of Accreditation provides evidence of adherence to quality standards and to principles of the profession of pharmacy compounding.

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