Post Menopause

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What is Post Menopause?

Post Menopause is the stage following menopause and generally starts between 24 and 36 months after a women's last period. Outwardly, the most marked difference between menopause and post menopause is the reduction in symptoms - for instance hot flashes are less frequent and not as powerful. A woman is also considered post menopausal after the removal of the ovaries because it effectively ends menstrual bleeding.

A reliable indicator of the onset of post menopause is the follicle stimulating hormone (FSH). Found at the base of the brain, the pituitary gland produces FSH. When women transition into post menopause, FSH will be extremely high, indicating her ovaries are beginning to shut down. Estradiol, a form of estrogen, decreases in post menopause when the ovaries are no longer producing eggs. This decrease in estradiol is in turn what causes the increase in FSH. The follicle stimulating hormone attempts in vain to stimulate egg production. Basically, this means the end of periods, fertility, and menopause. A simple blood test measures FSH.

While the ovaries begin to shrink after menopause, they are still very important to the body. Vital hormones such as testosterone are produced by the ovaries. Female testosterone is a vital hormone for maintaining sex drive, bone and muscle strength, and energy. Many post menopausal women begin to see a relief from menopause symptoms at this time.

Post menopause is different in every woman. The age after menopause varies significantly and so does the cessation, or lack thereof, of the symptoms. The problem with waiting for menopause to pass is the uncertainty of the time frame and the severity of the symptoms. Furthermore, while post menopause may bring relief from menopause symptoms, unbalanced hormones put you at risk for certain conditions. Low estrogen for example, leaves you at risk for osteoporosis, heart disease and genitourinary atrophy.

The Solution

Bioidentical hormone therapy balances hormones and relives post menopausal symptoms immediately; no significant waiting time. BodyLogicMD's natural hormone replacement therapy offers women the chance to find that post menopause relief, much sooner and in a much easier way. This natural method takes the guessing out of menopause and post menopause and provides solid answers and a solid solution. The hormone replacement is paired with customized nutrition, supplements, and fitness programs to ensure your longevity, graceful aging and best post menopausal health.

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