Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Seminars

Free Online Seminar

Get answers right now! Experience a Bioidentical Hormone online seminar to learn the facts about hormone imbalance and the best treatment plan for overcoming the challenges commonly associated with aging. Chief Medical Officer of BodyLogicMD, Jennifer Landa, MD explains the facts about bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, how to recognize the signs of aging and why taking preventive measures now, will help you live better, longer.

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Wellness in the Workplace

Everybody loves results right? The expert physicians of BodyLogicMD have developed a program to ensure you achieve optimal health and get the most out of all the money, time and effort you put into looking and feeling your best. The BodyLogicMD Wellness in the Workplace program offers employers and their employees the opportunity to improve overall satisfaction with life, including perspectives of work and the workplace.

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Wellness Event Speaker

The physicians of BodyLogicMD, in select regions, are available to address topics from basic wellness and nutrition guidance to disease prevention anti-aging issues. If your group or organization is interested in a specific topic or series of topics, the physicians of BodyLogicMD offer a dynamic opportunity for in-depth education on real-life health issues.

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