Measuring Hormone Levels

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Hormone Tests

Measuring hormone levels is a MUST for anyone considering bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Before a physician can assess your current condition, they need to know where you stand, hormonally speaking. The highly trained bioidentical hormone doctors at BodyLogicMD offer state-of-the-art hormone testing to determine if an underlying hormonal imbalance is to blame for the symptoms you're experiencing. The testing consists of a 65-point analysis, using serum, blood-spot and saliva.

What is the Hormone Testing Used For?

Your BodyLogicMD affiliated physician may use serum, saliva and/or blood spot hormone tests to:

  • Detect hormone imbalances prior to the appearance of patient signs or symptoms
  • Identify hormone imbalances associated with symptoms
  • Establish hormone baselines prior to surgery or beginning therapy
  • Monitor hormone levels while supplementing
  • Track treatment progress with follow-up reports

Get Tested

The quick and easy hormone testing offered by BodyLogicMD affiliated physicians provides reliable results and a solid foundation on which to start bioidentical hormone therapy paired with customized nutrition, supplement and fitness programs.

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