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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where do I find bonus content materials?
You can find all Bonus Content materials included on your wellness plan (such as meal plans, shopping lists, pantry staples, rules to follow, etc.) by clicking the *star* located in the top-right hand corner on the Home page of the app.
2. Calorie goal and tracking. How does it work?
Users now have the ability to create a calorie goal in the app, which will help to precisely track calories each day and see how close one is to meeting their goal. In order to edit your calorie intake (it is set to 0 by default), click the “Settings” icon on the Food Tracking page of the app.
3. Can I sync my FitBit on the app?
In order for the FitBit data to display in the app, patients will need to sync their FitBit data from their portal on a web browser using the instructions located on “My Connected Apps” under “Account Settings”. Once patients have logged into their FitBit account from the BodySite web portal, the data will appear in the app as well. 

4. I don’t see a graph on the weight tracking page of the app. What do I do?
The app will save your first weight log, which you can view at the bottom of the weight tracking page. However, the app will not produce a graph until two weight entries have been logged. 

Tracking/Logging Food Using the Food Tracker

How do I track my food?
This is one of the most common questions we receive, so we made a 20-minute tutorial about it.  

Full Web Browser
Tracking on your computer with a full web browser is a little bit different than our mobile application. On a computer with a full web browser, you can track food on the “Track Food” tab or from any page where a meal is listed with nutritional information and the “Track This” button. Let’s address the “Track This” button first. Here is a picture of the program content from a day that includes a meal with nutritional info:

Any time your wellness content includes meals with nutritional values (like the image above), you will be able to track that you ate the recommended meal by simply clicking on the “Track This” button. So, if you ate the recommended meal for lunch, for example, click the “Lunch” button that appears under the “Track This” icon and select the number of servings. Once doing so, the foods in that meal will all be automatically stored in your food tracker. 
You can also easily Track Foods you’re eating by just searching for them in the database in the “Track Food” tab of your account. Here is the “Track Food” tab of your account:

Once you click on the “Track Food” tab, you’ll be redirected to the Track Food page with a vertical view of all your meals for that day. Select the “+Add Food” button that corresponds to the meal for which you want to search for a food item. 

Once you select “+Add Food”, locate the search box where you can search for any food, brand or restaurant. You can also use the Favorites as Saved Meals functions to track foods from those lists. For example, let’s say you wanted to search for and track the banana you just ate for breakfast. Type “banana” into the search box and click on the “Search” button. What you’ll see are several possible food items that match your search, including Generic Items, as well as stores or brands that include the word “banana”.

Once you select the specific food item you would like to track, the nutritional information will display as well as a drop down for different serving types for that food. The serving types will help you to track your foods most accurately. Most foods that you search will have 2-5 serving type options. Here are the results for a banana:

Once you make your choice for serving type, you can adjust the number of servings for that serving type before you track. For example if you ate 2 medium bananas for breakfast, type the number “2” into the Servings field and then click the +Track button.

As you track your foods, your overall calories and macros for that day will automatically update (seen in image below).

You can delete any item you’ve added to a meal if you made a mistake, and you can even adjust the number of servings of food items under each individual meal in your account.

If you find that you’re going to have the same type of meal over and over again (like maybe you eat the same snack most days), search for all of the items in that snack and then after adding them to your meal, select the “+Quick Tools” button to create a meal out of those foods.

Once you save a group of foods as a meal, the meal will be stored in your Saved Meals, which you will find below the search box when searching for food items. You can open up the “Saved Meals” folder to rename any meal or to track the entire meal in one click the next time you eat that meal.  And remember that if you eat that meal with slight alterations, you can track the whole meal and then make adjustments to the ingredients on the meal tab in question. 

I Cannot Login to My Account
If you are unable to login and cannot get into your account, there are three likely scenarios:

  1. Your provider has not actually enrolled you as a patient in their practice’s account. Many of our providers use enrollment links on their personal social media and websites as an indication to “register” you in a wellness program. Although this is the first step in the process, your physician then has to go in and manually create a patient account for you with BodySite, which takes varying amounts of time depending on the provider. I would encourage you to contact your provider to confirm that they have received your request and have enrolled you as a patient under their account.
  2. You have not activated your BodySite account. Locate the Program Activation email from your provider’s practice in your email inbox. Follow the activation link to create your BodySite password and account. Following this process, you will be able to login. If you did not receive the activation link, please ask your provider to resend.
  3. Wrong password or email address. If you have forgotten your password, or the password you are using is not working, use the “I forgot my password” function on the login page to reset your password. Please be sure to check that the email address you are using is the same one you used to enroll in ShapePro via your provider.

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