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Weight loss medicine Wegovy® and Ozempic® are in short supply. Get matched with a doctor who can prescribe Semaglutide if it’s right for you.

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SEmaglutide Injections

Semaglutide, the same active ingredient as weight loss drug Wegovy® Delivered




Low blood flow to the penis is a dominant culprit in erectile dysfunction. If low or interrupted blood flow is to blame for your ED, you could benefit from acoustic wave therapy.

This non-invasive procedure uses acoustic waves to encourage your body to form new blood vessels, in a process called neovascularization. With new blood vessels, you have improved blood flow and stronger, longer, natural erections.

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A simple solution to low testosterone levels is the T-shot, short for testosterone shot. This is an injection that increases free testosterone levels and overall testosterone levels.

While the T-shot can result in firmer, longer-lasting erections, it also can help men take control of other health factors:

  • Body fat
  • Muscle Development
  • Bone Density

How Does It Work?

LAB Testing –

Simple blood draw from your local Quest Laboratory.

Telehealth Or In-Person Consults Depending on Therapy

Experience the convenience of a telehealth consultation with your practitioner. It’s just like an office visit, except you never have to leave your home. In-person consults available for Pulse Wave and Pellet Therapy.

Treatment Program Ships to Your Door

The program ships right from the pharmacy to your door, allowing you to get started on the program as quickly as possible.

One Price, Everything Included

One of the greatest benefits of our programs is cost transparency. The programs deliver related medications, supplies, laboratory testing panels, and medical monitoring directly to your doorstep in one all-inclusive recurring payment. Your practitioner consultation fee to get started and for continued maintenance will be charged separately by your practitioner at the time of service.

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