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About Bruce Thomas, M.D.

Founder of Physician Artistry & BodyLogicMD of DMV | Anti-Aging and Preventive Medicine Specialist | Holistic Wellness Advocate

Dr. Bruce Thomas is an esteemed expert in the holistic approach to promoting well-being and revitalization, with over two decades of experience dedicated to helping individuals achieve a sense of renewed vitality both inside and out as they age. As the owner and medical director of BodyLogicMD of Northern Virginia and Maryland, as well as Physician Artistry Medical Spa, he practices a form of medicine that is personalized, preventive, and predictive. Dr. Thomas is committed to offering personalized, natural, and organic approaches that encompass the whole person. Recognizing the importance of individual biology and genetics, he tailors treatments to promote a naturally youthful and revitalized state, empowering patients to enhance their overall health, wellness, and appearance throughout the aging process.

Education and Credentials:

Dr. Thomas earned his Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Chemistry and graduated from the Medical College of Ohio. He completed his residency at Georgetown University Medical Center MedStar National Rehabilitation Hospital’s Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Residency Program. Over the years, he expanded his expertise, completing a fellowship in Anti-Aging, Metabolic Medicine (FAAMM) and board-certification in Integrative and Holistic Medicine.


As a highly sought-after anti-aging and preventive medicine specialist, Dr. Thomas empowers men and women to find relief from various health concerns, including andropause (male menopause), erectile dysfunction, sexual arousal disorder, perimenopause, and menopause. With a comprehensive arsenal of treatment options, he is passionate about discovering the most effective solutions for each patient’s unique needs.

Expert Speaker on Sexual Dysfunctions:

Dr. Thomas’s expertise in sexual dysfunctions is widely recognized, and he has been a distinguished speaker and lecturer at numerous engagements. His areas of expertise include hypoactive sexual desire disorder, erectile disorder, premature ejaculation, and delayed ejaculation in men, as well as orgasmic disorder, sexual interest/arousal disorder in women. Through his engaging presentations, Dr. Thomas has shared valuable insights and treatment options with fellow physicians, further solidifying his reputation as an authority in this field.

Leadership and Fundraising for Rett Syndrome:

Dr. Thomas is not only dedicated to medical excellence but also to making a positive impact in the community. He has been actively engaged in fundraising efforts for Rett Syndrome and has served on the Board for the Rett Syndrome Research Foundation. His commitment to the cause led him to chair and found the food and wine festival in Washington, DC, benefiting the Rett Syndrome Research Foundation. This prestigious event brought together numerous James Beard and Michelin Star award-winning chefs to display their culinary arts, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for vital research. Dr. Thomas’ dedication to giving back showcases his compassionate and caring nature both in and outside the medical field.

Sexual Wellness Expertise:

Dr. Thomas’ extensive experience includes serving as an investigator for the SWEET Study, using GAINSWave for erectile enhancement. His participation in cutting-edge research and his expertise in men’s health and sexual wellness make him a leading authority in the field, offering innovative treatments that empower patients to regain confidence and satisfaction in their intimate lives.

Professional Memberships:

Dr. Thomas is an esteemed member of various medical associations, including the American Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, the Cellular Medicine Association, and the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Additionally, he is a proud member of The Androgen Society, the first professional medical society dedicated entirely to testosterone deficiency (hypogonadism) and its treatment.

Dr. Bruce Thomas’ dedication to blending artistry, preventive medicine, and innovative treatments positions him as a leader in the field of aesthetics and anti-aging. He remains committed to providing exceptional and personalized care to help patients achieve their health and wellness goals.

To experience the transformative artistry of Dr. Bruce Thomas and explore the latest in anti-aging and aesthetic treatments at Physician Artistry, please visit the practice’s website or reach out via phone or email.


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