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Regenr8-ive Fast 5 Day Fasting Kit



What is Regenr8-ive Fast?

With Regenr8-ive Fast, you’ll experience the benefits of a fast while eating healthy soups, along with your choice of nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables as snacks during the day. Consider your Regenr8-ive Fast an eating plan vs. a fasting plan, while realizing the well-documented benefits of intermittent and extended fasting.

Benefits of Regenr8-ive Fast:

• A loss of unhealthy pounds and inches

• Improved energy levels
• Healthier blood sugar levels
• Improved mental clarity
• Reduced cravings

Why Regenr8-ive Fast?

Your TRF is certified USDA organic, non-GMO, vegan, soy-free, gluten-free, trans- fat and cholesterol free. This program can be done monthly to help you reach your wellness goals.

Everything in your TRF kit and the foods listed on this insert are all you need to complete your TRF. Along with delicious and satisfying soups and teas, we’re giving you the power to choose some of your favorite healthy “add-ins” to ensure you feel satisfied rather than deprived. We want you to achieve all the benefits of fasting without the frustrations.

Wondering what to eat and when? Make sure to follow the guide outlining your schedule on the inside cover of your TRF kit. As you can see by the schedule on your box, all soups, add-ins and snacks are to be consumed within your 8-hour window of choice. Your FastStart Beverage can be consumed in the morning and Calming Tea in the evening, both outside of your 8-hour window. The 16/8 Fasting/Feeding schedule is what is commonly known as Intermittent Fasting.

We’ve given you a place to track your meals and snacks along with your water intake. Want to track your results? See the back of this insert for a place to record all of the TRF benefits you personally experience.


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