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Meta-Sitosterol™ 2.0


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What is Meta-Sitosterol 2.0?

Meta-Sitosterol 2.0 is a naturally derived vegetable preparation featuring enhanced levels of a balanced concentrate of plant sterols—2 grams per day—which may help to maintain healthy blood cholesterol levels already within the normal range. The National Institutes of Health recommends a healthy diet, along with the consumption of 2 grams of plant sterols daily, to promote cardiovascular health. Also features the active, preferred form of folate (L-5-methyltetrahydrofolate) to support healthy homocysteine metabolism and cardiovascular health.*

Benefits of Meta-Sitosterol 2.0:

  • Plant Sterol Complex for Support of Healthy Cholesterol Levels*
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Gluten-Free formula


Why Metagenics Supplements?

Metagenics works with top-level institutions to drive innovation and the most relevant insights in clinical nutrition through pioneering research. As part of their commitment to exceptional quality, they brand their products with clean and transparent labels. From gluten-free to non-GMO, Metagenics aims to deliver clear and accurately labeled nutritional solutions to meet every patient’s health needs.


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