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CoQ-Clear 100 Ubiquinol


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What is CoQ-Clear 100 Ubiquinol?

CoQ-Clear 100 Ubiquinol is crystal-free and contains the reduced form of CoQ10, ubiquinol. Ubiquinol is the active form of CoQ10 and may be better absorbed than ubiquinone in some individuals. NuMedica’s CoQ-Clear 100 Ubiquinol contains refreshing, natural food grade citrus oil for improved solubility and enhanced absorption in the intestine.

Benefits of CoQ-Clear 100 Ubiquinol:

  • Provides powerful antioxidants
  • Contains citrus oil for enhanced apsorption
  • Supports Heart Health


Why Numedica Supplements?

Numedica focuses on advancing nutrition through science & research. NuMedica is founded on their commitment to quality, safety and performance. As one of the foremost brands of clinical nutrition in the professional market, they partner with healthcare professionals to address their needs in helping patients achieve better health. Numedica formulas are designed with active ingredients for higher performance along with advanced nutrient delivery methods and enhanced absorption technologies offering value through increased bioavailability.

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