Expert Nutritional Testing

ALCAT Worldwide - Preferred Partner of BodyLogicMD

Cell Science Systems, the ALCAT Worldwide Laboratory, is dedicated to educating and supplying healthcare practitioners and consumers with nutritional products aimed at improving health through nutritional testing and healthy eating.

The ALCAT test is a minimally invasive blood test that accurately and reproducibly measures biological cellular reactivity in whole blood. Unlike standard IgG tests, which rely exclusively on one immune pathway and merely detects exposure, the ALCAT test is the premier test for detecting food allergies, mold and chemical sensitivities/intolerances. Studies show the ALCAT test to be 83.4% accurate with food allergens and 96% accurate with food additives, as compared with the Gold Standard - a double blind oral challenge.

How The ALCAT Test Works:

The ALCAT test objectively measures changes in size and number of white blood cells in response to ex vivo challenges with foods, chemicals and other environmental stimuli. Scores are generated by relating the patients' own blood without test substrate to their tested, reactive blood. Results are designated into four categories - Severe Intolerance, Moderate Intolerance, Mild Intolerance and Acceptable Foods - on a color coded print-out that is accessible online by the prescribing doctor or by hard copy. An individualized rotation diet is included in the results.

The superior expertise and quality of ALCAT Worldwide make them an ideal partner for BodyLogicMD's high standards.

For more information on the ALCAT test visit: or call (800) US ALCAT.