How Long Can Post Menopausal Women Use Hormones?

Are you post menopausal and suffering from unbearable hot flashes or mood swings? Treatments for symptoms are available. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) helps to the body replace hormones it no longer produces.

But HRT has been controversial for many years. How long can post menopausal women safely take them to reduce their symptoms?

Hot Flashes— How Many Years Do They Last?

Most women are familiar with one of the major symptoms of menopause, hot flashes, in which normal body temperature rises and an intense feeling of heat suddenly flushes over the body. Hot flashes are usually accompanied by a red, flushed face and heavy sweating. Hot flashes at night are common, and can include night sweats. However, many women are not aware that there are varied types of hot flashes, and that they may even last beyond menopause!

How Many Menopause Symptoms Are There?

Many women look to the onset of menopause with dread, having heard horror stories from other women about all the different symptoms that can plague them during this major life transition. But it doesn’t have to be this way—the more you support your body and your hormonal health through this transition, the less symptoms you’re likely to experience. For many women, menopause can even be an extremely rewarding process—a liberating time of growth as you prepare for the next stage of your life.