The Fatigue Solution: Chief Medical Officer of BodyLogicMD, Dr. Jen Landa, featured on Dr. Oz

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Dr. Jen Landa, Chief Medical Officer of BodyLogicMD and author of The Sex Drive Solution for Women, appeared as a guest on leading medical expert Dr. Mehmet Oz’s daytime talk show. In her March 4th appearance, Dr. Landa discussed her battle with fighting -- and overcoming -- fatigue: The Fatigue Solution.

Symptoms of fatigue plague many Americans. These symptoms include fluctuating weight, low energy, insomnia, and depression. These all-too-common manifestations of fatigue are often the result of hormone imbalances or poor diet.

Not sure what’s causing your fatigue? Contact a physician of the BodyLogicMD network nearest you.

A Prescription for Fatigue

Some prescription medications such as birth control, statins, and heartburn medications like proton pump inhibitors can cause feelings of fatigue. Supplements like magnesium and coenzyme Q10 can help boost your energy levels without interfering with the helpful effects of the medication.

From Sugar Buzz to Sugar Burn

Very often, people make the mistake of staving off fatigue by ingesting sugar, figuring that a quick “sugar buzz” will carry them through the day. In reality, sugar only produces a quick, 30-minute burst of energy. The initial energy boost it provides is swiftly followed by an energy crash and burn.

While sugar makes a great accompaniment for caffeinated beverages such as coffee or tea; healthful, all-natural alternatives to sugar exist that can also help combat the symptoms of fatigue. One such alternative is monk fruit. The use of monk fruit dates back centuries to its use in ancient Chinese medicine to treat diabetes and obesity. From out of the past and into the present, monk fruit has a low glycemic index and recent studies have shown that it also helps to stimulate insulin secretion.

Artificial sweeteners made from monk fruit are available in health food stores nationwide and can be used in a variety of recipes and drinks. One caveat with using artificial sweeteners made from monk fruit is to look for those made from pure monk fruit with no sugar alcohols. Sugar alcohols can negatively affect blood sugar levels.

Fatigue Solutions

Once you’ve identified the problem, it’s much easier to treat it. On the popular Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Landa outlined surprisingly simple solutions to banishing fatigue and living a healthier, happier, more energetic life.

Here are a few Fatigue Solutions, you, too, can apply to your daily life to start regaining your energy and enjoying life!

1. Get Rid of Gluten

Over 25 percent of the population is afflicted with gluten sensitivity or celiac disease, which damages the lining of the intestines, negatively impacting the ability to absorb nutrients properly. Despite the staggering numbers of people who have this condition, only less than one percent of the population is actually aware that they have it.

Those suffering from gluten sensitivity may not be able to properly absorb iron -- an essential energizing nutrient. Beyond feeling tired, telltale signs of gluten sensitivity involve gas, constipation, and bloat.

The Fatigue Solution in this case is to remove gluten from your diet and start stocking up on iron-rich foods such as spinach and broccoli along with foods high in vitamin like strawberries and oranges.

2. Up Your Iodine

Iodine is essential for your thyroid to function properly. Weight gain and hair loss are two of the warning signs that iodine levels may be extremely low. If the thyroid does not receive necessary fuel in the form of iodine, it often results in a decrease in energy and an increase in weariness.

The solution to your iodine problem can be as easy as swapping out sea salt (which does not contain iodine) for its more common cousin, iodized table salt found in your neighborhood supermarket. Gourmet food trends and the predisposition to hypertension have combined to account for a rise in the use of sea salt in dishes, which, in turn, has led to an increase in iodine deficiencies across the nation. Though it lacks the glamour or presentation of sea salt, your thyroid will thank you for making the switch to iodized table salt. (Note: If you are on a low-sodium diet, this does not mean you need to increase your salt intake, however, sporadic seasoning with iodized salt may help to remedy your fatigue.)

If you find that your health struggles go beyond fatigue, get your thyroid levels tested with an expert that specializes in hormones and hormone therapy, like the physicians of the BodyLogicMD network. Your doctor may have previously tested your thyroid levels and determined them to be normal, but there is a fine line between “normal” and functional. The physicians of the BodyLogicMD network use the most comprehensive testing and in-depth analysis of your symptoms to diagnose and treat your condition.

3. Love Your Liver

The liver is your body’s equivalent of an all-in-one engine and filter. This organ helps to regulate your body’s energy levels and also filters many of its toxins. Junk food and harmful substances such as alcohol and tobacco can deplete your liver’s functionality, making it harder to get rid of toxins and leave you feeling lethargic.

Simply drinking two cups of dandelion tea every day is a great way to cleanse your liver and swiftly eliminate toxins from the body.

A yearly detox is also recommended for a more extensive cleansing of your body. There are several specialized detox programs offered by the physicians of the BodyLogicMD network, as well as nutritional guidance for maintaining your health all year long.

4. Trigger Your Testosterone

Although testosterone has a reputation for being a masculine hormone, it’s actually a driving force of energy for both men and women. Low testosterone (or “low T,” as it’s recently been referred to in the media) rears its head through a variety of symptoms including feelings of stress, sluggishness, muddled thoughts, or a diminished libido.

There are a number of ways to help boost your testosterone levels. Limiting sugar or eliminating it from your diet is one way. Another way is to up your testosterone is to eat foods with a high concentration of zinc (oysters, dark chocolate) or take a quality zinc supplement.

However, reducing your stress levels is a great way to increase your testosterone levels. Just five minutes of pranayama yoga -- a yogic discipline which focuses on breathing deeply from the diaphragm -- can help reduce stress and regulate your testosterone to a level that helps your body function at its peak.

Testosterone is important for both men and women to maintain a healthy weight and control emotions and memory. The physicians of the BodyLogicMD network can test your hormone levels and help you bring your testosterone levels back up and cortisol level into a healthy range.