Suzanne Somers on Menopause

Suzanne Somer's menopause treatment plan is a multi-faceted approach designed to address all the factors that contribute to hormonal imbalance. In her New York Times best-seller The Sexy Years, Suzanne Somers changed the way women look at menopause. The Sexy Years showed how women could find relief from symptoms of menopause and perimenopause by restoring hormonal balance using bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT).

Working with innovative bioidentical hormone doctors, Suzanne Somers has created a program that alleviates symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, fatigue, low sex drive, weight gain and other symptoms that women face in the second stage of life.

Since learning about how natural bioidentical hormones could put an end to her symptoms of menopause, Suzanne Somers has discovered that the second half of her life has been more energized, fun, purposeful and sexier than ever before. Somers stresses the importance of using natural hormone therapies as opposed to synthetic, non-bioidentical hormone replacement because our bodies typically recognize these chemical substances as being foreign, which compromises the safety and integrity of treatment.

Suzanne Somers' prescription for menopause relief doesn't end with bioidentical hormones. She also incorporates nutrition and fitness strategies into her daily routine. According to Somers, exercising regularly and watching what you eat is really important too. Many of the foods we put into our bodies are overly-processed, and high in sugars, trans fats and hormone-disrupting chemicals.

Suzanne Somers' ground-breaking collection of bioidentical hormones books will provide women with a go-to guide for hormone therapy and menopause relief. In her books, Somers also discusses andropause - the male menopause - and aging in men and how natural hormone replacement therapy can help men regain health and vitality as well.

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