Medaus Pharmacy - Preferred Partner of BodyLogicMD

At BodyLogicMD, we are committed to providing the best services and recommending the best products available to the patients of our affiliated physicians for hormone therapy. The customized plans typically include a bioidentical hormone therapy prescription and are designed based on an individual's needs according to their test results, symptoms and medical history. The bioidentical hormone prescriptions that our affiliated physicians write are typically for hormones such as estrogen, progesterone and testosterone and can only be filled at a compounding pharmacy. BodyLogicMD only recommends compounding pharmacies that are licensed and regulated by their respective state boards of pharmacy.

Medaus compounding pharmacy is the largest full-service pharmacy specializing in the preparation and delivery of compounded medications. The difference between a traditional pharmacy and compounding pharmacies is their ability to formulate medications for unique health needs that commercially available medications cannot meet. Compounding refers to the preparation of customized medications that are designed specifically for an individual's needs.

With 70 years of combined compounding experience, Medaus Pharmacy is one of the most successful compounding pharmacies in the nation. They use only the highest quality, active ingredients in every order and prepare each prescription with the exact specifications. In doing this, Medaus assures each prescription with a 100 percent guarantee.

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