Every man my age should investigate hormone therapy

My name is Geoffrey Calderone.  I am 67 years old and live in Ft Lauderdale, Florida.   For the first 40 years of my life I was not concerned with my health, only my career and having a good time.  The watershed of my life came when I turned 40.   I became very concerned with living a better, healthier life style.  I stopped smoking, started exercising and became very aware of my diet.  Because of my "A" type personality, everything I do must be done at 110%.  For the past 27 years I have exercised 6 days a week, watched what I ate, made sure got enough sleep, taken daily supplements and generally tried to live a healthy lifestyle. I could only complain about two areas of my life. For the past few years I felt like I was a little slower mentally.  I guess a better way of describing it would be that I didn't feel as razor sharp as I used to be.  It was almost as if my brain was becoming lazy. I wrote it off as part of aging and although it was sometimes annoying, I learned to live with it.  My other complaint was an obvious loss of libido.  I have been single for he past 5 years and although I dated quite often, I never pushed hard for a sexual relationship.  It had to come to me. I waited until the women I was dating asked for sex.  I was not proactive, which I had always been before. I heard about BodyLogicMD from another physician and went to see Dr. Jeffery Thackrey at his Ft. Lauderdale office. He and I mapped out a plan of action.

He ordered the necessary blood and saliva tests and I started applying testosterone cream on a daily basis. I guess it has now been a year and a half and the results have been astounding! I think the biggest single effect has been the change in my mental acuity. I feel as sharp as a tack and I'm aware of all that's going on.  On another front, I have recently become engaged and my fiancée and I are like two 18 year kids experiencing sex for the first time. She is amazed at my sexual interest and stamina.  So am I...but I'm not complaining.  One last, but very interesting result is something I had not expected or even thought about. My gym workouts have not changed but I have definitely become stronger.  I am now able to do 60 pound dumbbell presses and amazingly, I'm becoming more muscular...so much so that I have started to use less weight and do more reps.   I don't want to have to start wearing larger shirts!   I didn't think I could become stronger as I got older but it gives me an extra sense of wellbeing and confidence. My cardio workouts remain the same.  Not much difference there, but they have always been strong. All in all, testosterone therapy has made a big improvement in my life.

Every man my age should investigate hormone therapy of one kind or another. I'm glad I did!

G.C. Age 67
BodyLogicMD Patient Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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