A Grateful Husband

I would like to take the opportunity to tell you about my wife, Mary, and her journey toward health that began two years ago. For months we knew that something wasn’t quite right with her but couldn’t get any of our doctors to listen to us. One doctor said that the hair loss, hot flashes, heart palpitations, etc. were not hormonally based; another prescribed a beta blocker which caused more havoc. She was desperate when she sent an e-mail at 3 AM on November 1st to BodyLogicMD. She received a much welcomed phone reply at 9 AM that morning.

She was told that blood and saliva tests had to be done before she could see the doctor, but Mary resolved to get everything done in record time! Our initial consult with Dr. Julie Kissel was on November 18th with her explaining the test results in great detail and laying out the program that would bring Mary’s thyroid and other hormones back into balance. After just 2 weeks of being on the new meds, Mary woke up one morning and proclaimed to me, “I feel like me again!” It was good to have my Mary back!

When BodyLogicMD began promoting “Raging Hormone Parties”, Mary readily signed up to host one. Over 35 women crowded into our home for Dr. Kissel’s amazing presentation from which at least ten had follow-up visits. One thing I know about my wife is that she is not quiet about what she believes in and will share it with others who she feels will benefit. We both now believe in the benefits of BodyLogicMD thanks to my wife’s renewed health and our terrific experience with Dr. Kissel.

-Mark F., grateful and much blessed husband of Mary F., Patient of Dr. Julie Kissel, Medical Director of BodyLogicMD of Cincinnati

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