Fall 2008 - Seven Keys to Wellness

There are seven major keys to wellness that play a direct role in the level of inflammation in the body. If one of these elements is out of balance, the more likely it is that inflammation will occur.


Hormone Balance

The Seven Keys to Wellness are:

  1. Environmental Inputs (diet, lifestyle, toxins, stress, and trauma)
  2. Inflammation and Immune Balance (the hidden fire within)
  3. Hormone Balance (insulin, thyroid, adrenal balance, sex hormones, and mood chemicals)
  4. Digestive Health (digestion, absorption, assimilation, intestinal ecosystem, and the gut-immune system)
  1. Detoxification Imbalances and Function (getting rid of wastes and dealing with toxins)
  2. Creating Energy (the source of life energy and metabolism, antioxidant balance)
  3. Mind-Body/Body-Mind Connection (change your mind, change your body; change your body, change your mind)