Fall 2008 - Inflammation And Hormonal Imbalances

One of the most destructive consequences of hormonal imbalances can be inflammation, which is the root of allchronic illness - from heart disease, obesity, and diabetes to dementia, depression, cancer, and even autism.

"Hormones help balance the body, so we have just enough to protect us from illness but not so much that we are creating problems within our body," said Dr. Alicia Stanton. "That's right - excess hormone levels can be just as damaging as low hormone levels."

It is also now understood that heart disease is caused by the inflammation of the vessels around the heart, along with high cholesterol plaque levels. Obesity, not commonly thought of as an inflammatory disease, also causes severe systemic inflammation. Fat cells actually secrete an inflammatory substance called cytokines in the body. Therefore, the higher the fat content on the body, the more likely it is that inflammatory diseases such as diabetes and arthritis can be developed.

Inflammation and Hormonal Imbalance