Hormone Harmony: How to Balance Insulin, Cortisol, Thyroid, Estrogen, Progesterone and Testosterone To Live Your Best Life By Dr. Alicia Stanton and Vera Tweed

  You have control over your hormones, whether you're taking birth control pills to prevent pregnancy or battling hot flashes. So many of my patients - and many physicians - aren't aware of the connections between what we eat, our stress levels, the way we live our lives and hormonal imbalance. However, those connections exist and if we understand them, we can develop our own ways of living that bring about balance and wellbeing, and that's what this blog and the book, Hormone Harmony, are all about. Hormone Harmony addresses millions of women who are struggling with hormone imbalance, an epidemic that is disrupting countless lives during menopause and much earlier in life - a fact that is widely unrecognized. It demystifies the subject of natural or bioidentical hormone therapy and debunks the myth that menopause is the primary trigger of midlife symptoms. In a friendly style, the book reveals the chief lifestyle triggers of hormonal havoc that are ignored in health care today; why six key hormones - insulin, cortisol, thyroid, estrogen, progesterone and testosterone - must be in balance; how to restore harmony by making practical lifestyle changes that cost little or nothing; and, when necessary, how to get medical help. While aimed mainly at women, Hormone Harmony includes a chapter and plan for men.