Hormone Tests for Men

BodyLogicMD affiliated physicians use saliva, serum and capillary (blood spot) blood tests to measure male hormone levels.

Saliva Hormone Tests for Men

Stress can throw cortisol levels out of balance and can lead to adrenal fatigue and many other symptoms of hormone imbalance. Normal cortisol levels peak in the morning then slowly decline as the day progresses.

The main purpose of the saliva test for men is to test your cortisol levels throughout the day. Saliva hormone testing for men is among the simplest and the most accurate method available to test cortisol levels. Not every saliva test kit is made the same, at BodyLogicMD we use quality kits provided by ZRT Laboratory.

Serum Hormone Test

For men, blood tests provide a much more accurate and useful measure of the male hormones. Furthermore, some hormones, including insulin and the thyroid hormones, are too large to enter into saliva. The male initial panel includes the serum hormone test which is completed at your local Quest Lab through a quick 10-15 minute blood draw. The blood draw is best obtained in the morning since 12 hours of fasting are necessary to remove spikes caused by diet or other drops in hormone levels. This male serum hormone test provides a comprehensive overall wellness profile.

Your BodyLogicMD expert bioidentical hormone doctor will use the serum hormone test for men to accurately measure and monitor your hormone levels. In addition to indicating hormone imbalances, these tests will identify your risk for a number of possible conditions. Among these potential problems detected by the blood tests include risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, liver disease and kidney disease.

Saliva and Capillary (Blood Spot) Combination Hormone Tests

The combination kit of saliva and blood spot testing is a simple and effective method for testing and diagnosing male hormonal related conditions and the source of your unpleasant symptoms. The combination test is also a great option for follow-up testing that will track the hormones that your physician is working to balance. Tracking how your hormones adjust to the treatment allows your BodyLogicMD affiliated physician to tweak your prescriptions as necessary and get you feeling better faster.

The capillary blood tests are also referred to as the blood spot test because it entails a simple and nearly painless fingerstick with a tiny lancet included in the kit. This testing method is convenient, stress free.

Both of the options for the blood tests are dependable ways to measure your hormones. Some men prefer the blood spot test since it allows for improved collection time, options for fasting requirements, and for measuring hormone levels that change throughout the day.

Hi-Tech Tests for a State-of-the-Art Solution

The saliva, capillary and serum hormone tests will provide your expert bioidentical hormone replacement therapy physician with the most up-to-date and accurate levels of your hormones. These high quality tests are vital to developing an accurate and successful treatment for your individual symptoms and conditions. Bioidentical hormone replacement has provided the solution for many men to feel better. Get tested today.

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