Q. If I decide to start on a bioidentical hormone therapy program, how much will it cost?

Potential patients often ask, “How much does bioidentical hormone therapy cost?” The simple answer is approximately $200 per month or $2400 per year. This will cover your physician consultations, the costs you are going to incur in labs, as well as the pharmacies and supplements you will be prescribed by your doctor. The average cost for hormones ranges from $45-$55 per month. However, some patients opt for pellet therapy as opposed to traditional delivery methods, such as creams, gels, patches and pills. Pellet therapy usually costs $250-$300, but pellet insertion is only necessary once every 6 months.

Initially, you will spend between $500 and $600 for the comprehensive lab work, which includes 45 to 50 different tests - specific to males and females, respectively. Unlike other providers, BodyLogicMD does not charge and annual membership fee. Instead, it is only necessary to purchase those services that are prescribed for you. You will work with your physician to decide what is best for your diagnosis and health.

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