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-    Singer and Songwriter, Jewel was featured in a cover story in SHAPE magazine, talking about how BodyLogicMD helped her overcome her thyroid imbalance:

"They figured out that my thyroid was functioning low, which was one of my issues with trying to lose weight. They put me on something called Armour Thyroid and helped me adjust my diet. But what I really liked about this group is that they listened to me."

-    Maryann, female patient of Dr. Jennifer Landa, BodyLogicMD of Orlando:

"I cannot tell you how much BodyLogicMD has helped me. Honestly, it's been fabulous. I went from complete depression to feeling like my old self again. And for anyone out there who has been second guessing themselves, please don't."

-    Vicky, female patient of Dr. Robert Rubin, BodyLogicMD of Naples:

"It's been about 40 days now and I have dropped 20 pounds and it's been all around my waist. I bow to your wisdom, you have just been fabulous. Thanks so much for this opportunity to be a normal human being in my 50's without going through these crazy mood swings that so many of my friends have gone through. I really appreciate it."

-    Jim, male patient of Dr. Michelle Schultz, BodyLogicMD of Naperville:

"After starting the bioidentical hormone therapy everything went back to normal and my libido is back! I look better and feel better! It is amazing how much better and how much younger I feel now!"

-    John, male patient of Dr. Wade Huey, BodyLogicMD of Houston:

"I went to Dr. Huey in Houston, Texas and started getting pellets inserted and within two weeks I started to feel like I did ten- fifteen years ago. Started getting out of depression and started to regain sexual function and just started to feel like my own self and enjoy life again."

There are two sides in regards to the BHRT industry; one side supports research and the potential benefits, while the other claims it to be a scam. Those who claim it to be a scam cause BodyLogicMD complaints to surface, which is why we work extra hard to prove our legitimacy in the health industry.